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Victoria Falls

A visit to Victoria Falls is a must on any trip to Africa. The breathtaking beauty of the almost 2km wide Zambezi River cascading over a 100m high sheer cliff can be seen from many different angles.

A flight over the falls in a microlight or helicopter will reveal the deep and spectacular zig zag gorge that has been cut away over millions of years, as well as the best views of the entire expanse of the falls.

Pathways on the opposite cliffs afford close up views of the cascading volumes of water at eye level and in the high (and hot) season you will get a welcome wetting from the rising mists.  

Another angle is from below the falls in the “Boiling Pot” A steep walk down (and up!) but worth it to see the swirling rapids created by the funnelling of the Zambezi into the narrow gorge.

And of course Devils Pool on the actual lip of the falls is accessible in the dryer winter months. 

See the Activities page for many exciting and or relaxing things you can do in and around the Victoria Falls and Livingstone area.

From rafting, bungi jumping, swinging across the gorge, canoeing, kayaking, river surfing and microlighting over the falls, to game drives in the Mosi o Tunya National Park, walks with lions, and cheetah encounters, elephant trails and more.

Then there are cruises on the upper Zambezi to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and birdlife as well as the spectacular sunsets. 

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