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Great Lakes

Lake Kariba

Spectacular views, stunning sunsets, great fishing, boating opportunities, water sports or wonderful relaxing holidays or weekends just soaking up the sunshine. The weather here is mostly sunny and fine. It can get quite hot in mid summer, but even mid winter days are warm and the nights are balmy. Lake Kariba is Africa’s largest man made dam, 226 kilometer long and in places up to 40 kilometers wide. The sheer size of it makes one forget it’s a dam and in certain places it almost feels like an ocean! Fishing is one of the well known activites on Lake Kariba. The tiger fish, considered by many to be one of the finest game fish around have flourished in the rich waters of the lake.

Lake Tanganyika

This vast lake shares only 7% of its shores with Zambia but offers access to the wide variety of fish species delighting both angler and scuba divers alike.  

Watersports lovers also find this lake a wonderful playground for waterskiing, tubing and canoeing.

Nsumbu National Park encompasses some 100 kilometres of the lake’s most pristine shoreline. The park offers a haven to both big game, as well as an important protected area for fish and other aquatic life. 

On the eastern side of the park some of the most dramatic landscapes are found with escarpments plunging 400 metres into the lake. During the rains many of the valleys cascade with running water forming spectacular and remote waterfalls.

Lake Itezhi Tezhi

This lake lies on the Kafue River within the Kafue National Park. The shoreline  provides a variety of habitats, from grassy plains to rocky bays, to expanses of dry dead-tree’d ground that are exposed at those times when the Lake’s water level drops by anything up to ten metres.

The Lake’s wildlife includes hippopotamus, otter, elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, and crocodile. The high season for anglers is October, when they migrate in for the annual fishing competition.